1. Baby Playmat - Free Shipping -the perfect folding play mat for your baby


he beloved and familiar Play Mat by Bubabella Now in a new capsule collection and fresh colors.

Bubabella's Play Mat is the perfect platform for your baby from 0 to 3-4 years old, and even more!

The surface is sewn from high-quality cotton fabrics breath and delicate - suitable for your baby's sensitive skin.

Inside the surface is a 3-cm-high foam designed to protect the baby's head and body especially as he rolls over, crawls and takes his/her first steps in the world :)

Bubabella's Play Mat will serve your baby during the long hours of play, activity, and development of new skills - and of course, it is perfect for a short nap in between.

The fabrics for the capsule collection were chosen especially by Sharon, the designer of the brand, to fit your baby's stylish nursery - and will also fit in the family living room with elegance and style.

Besides being a safe playing area for babies at the huge size of 47/59 inches (125/150cm), the play mat has a variety of other uses.
Thanks to a unique patent that allows the folding of the mat in different ways
And attaching by Velcro the mat becomes a real playground.
With one fold the mat turns into a tunnel that the child can crawl through,
Another fold turns the mat into a hiding place, soft house, a sitting sofa 
And more...

The mat can be efficiently stored and folds to the compact size of only 19/24 inches (50/60cm). 
The mat is portable and provides an excellent soft bedding outdoors such as on a picnic. 

The mat comes with a  long band so it is easily carried on the shoulder.

1.2 inch (3cm) foam
100% soft cotton fabric 
Comes in various colors for boys and girls.

Washing and handling instruction:
New!! You can wash the mats with the foam inside - watch the movie here >>

Machine wash in warm water
Do not tumble dry Dry in the shade Do not bleach Do not wrinkle


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